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When you book an appointment with us the following services will be included (but are voluntary) -

  • Full personal identification of your needs based and your personal circumstances, gender and age. We will give you an extensive plan, in writing, which will include advice on supplements such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It will also include menu suggestions to make your journey into a Healthy Lifestyle as simple as possible
  • Blood Sugar/ Glucose Test (if needed) (Don't eat or drink 4 hours before test)
  • Blood Ketone Test (if applicable) BHB/ Beta Hydroxide Butarate
  • Cholesterol Levels including Triglycerides (you need to fast at least 12 hours before test, only water or black coffee is allowed)
  • Blood Pressure test (Don't eat or drink 4 hours before test)
  • Pulse Oximiter test (Oxygen is breathed into the lungs. The oxygen then passes into the blood where the majority of the oxygen attaches to hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein located inside our red blood cells that transports the oxygen through the bloodstream to the rest of our body and tissues. In this way, our body is given the oxygen and nutrients it needs to function.)

Please note appointments have to be made 48 hours in advance. The clinic may offer weekend appointments. You can book your appointment by phone on 0330 113 9966

Consultation fee has to be paid in advance or at the start of your appointment. Cancellations need to be made no later than 48 hours in advance. If appointment is not cancelled within this period, the consultation fee will be due for payment.

You can book slots of 30 minutes

We offer a 15 minutes appointment free of charge the first time you visit or contact the clinic.

Fee the first 30 minutes per appointment is £50
All or part of the tests above £15
Following slots of 30 minutes £50


We also offer a facility to help and mentor you long term - Keto Coaching. We have slots of 3 months where you will see us twice in the first month and once a month the remaining two months, so 4 appointments. They need to be booked in advance. The fee for this is £150 a saving of £50.

Use this Form if you wish to book your appointment online PRESS HERE