Insulin Resistance


What is Insulin Resistance?

In short, it's when your body has had enough and can no longer give you the energy it needs, resulting in fatigue and obesity. Glucose and insulin are toxins freely floating around in your blood system (with nowhere to go) and you can get any amount of autoimmune diseases as a result.

In the UK 25% of adults are obese, one of the highest prevalences in Europe, and type 2 diabetes has risen by 65% in the past 10 years with no sign of slowing down.

And why? You have been eating a seriously bad diet - junk, full of inflammatory junk. This is very serious!

Sugar and Carbohydrates are known as glucose when they enter the body and are more or less treated equally (except fructose)

Sugar is seriously addictive and should not be a part of anyone's diet.

Sugar has NO nutritional value whatsoever.

Manufacturers of processed foods add a lot of sugar so that their foods become more palatable.

Glucose as an energy source

When you eat sugar and carbs, now called glucose, it enters your blood stream. The pancreas is alerted and the beta cells produce insulin. Both insulin as well as glucose are toxins. Based on that as well as the body needing energy the insulin's job is to put the glucose into your cells - this gives instant energy. This is all well and good. But the problem is when you are bombarding your body with glucose, several times a day, every day, the poor pancreas really has to work overtime. Eventually your cells have enough and simply stop the insulin doing its job. You are now insulin resistant.

Let's go back to when you were young

Sugar and carbs taste nice, let's face it. They are also very addictive. Your dependency started at an early age. Junk food has now been available for decades. Burgers, pizzas, pasta, kebabs, chocolate bars (56% sugar), crisps and biscuits. Your parents were no doubt stressed at times and it's so quick and easy to pick up any of these "foods" and serve them as a meal. When your blood glucose goes down, you quickly feel hunger and your body is crying out for more glucose. This is a dreadful vicious circle.

Your body is NOT designed to be bombarded with glucose and of course the outcome is disasterous

It takes a long time before your body gives up on you. But after a constant intake of sugars and simple carbs, and on top, numerous times a day, your body finds it more and more difficult to handle this situation. You can be pre diabetic for many years and before you have fully blown diabetes type 2, (or any other autoimmune disease), if it hasn't already occured to you, you should really consider a lifestyle change.

You will lose this battle no matter how it comes out. The only way to win is for YOU to STOP EATING THE SUGAR and simple carbs and thus preventing the battle . Once you allow your insulin to resume its designed role most of your diabetes and other insulin problems will vanish like the bad dream they are. Remember once you give your body a fighting chance it will stride towards good health 24/7. While YOU sleep your body will be repairing the years of damage you have forced onto your poor body with sugar and its deadly brethren. How is that for not holding a grudge.

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