Insulin Index


What is the Insulin Index?

This is a fairly new index and unfortunately due to lack of funding has not been totally researched. You have heard that carbs and sugar raise glucose levels, which in turn raises insulin.

The Insulin Index has got NOTHING to do with glucose whatsoever.

We are talking about proteins, however NOT fats, which will actually raise insulin. Whilst you have a large amount of insulin in your body your body cannot produce ketones. In the presence of insulin it's almost impossible to lose weight.

Below are foods which will affect the release of Insulin. We are clearly NOT including sugary or any other carbohydrate product. Low starch vegetables are generally low.

Everything is relative in life, and so is this index. Below shows how much each food releases insulin percentage wise COMPARED to white bread. White bread sits on the scale as 100%. Each portion below has 240 calories.

Butter 2 Olive Oil / Olive 3 Coconut Oil 3
Double Cream 4 Pecan Nuts 5 Macadamia nuts 5
Avocado 6 Desiccated coconut 7 Cream Cheese 8
Sour Cream 8 Bacon 9 Walnuts 9
Pine nuts 9 Pepperoni 10 Pork 11
Peanut Butter 11 Cod 12 Duck 12
Peanuts 13 Pork sausage (depending on carbs) 13 Pumpkin 14
Almonds 14 Cheddar Cheese 15 Sunflower seed 15
Chia seed 15 Egg yolk 15 Blue cheese 16
Pistachios 19 Swiss cheese 21 Whole egg 21
Turkey 23 Chicken 24 Whole milk 40
Beef 51 Egg whites 55 Scallops 59
Unidentified fish 59 Potatoes 121