Immune System


Why is the Immune System so important?

Without an immune system, even a bad one, we would simply not be able to live. t's becoming increasingly clear that your brain, your immune system, and your gut microbes as well as inflammations are intricately linked.

Your body's duty is actually to protect you from bacteria, illnesses and diseases. However if you work against it, not intentionally maybe it's simply lack of knowledge, your immune system cannot protect you the way it was designed and intended by nature. The average person eats foods which are detrimental to good health. Very tasty yes, but very, very bad. This could result in the development of autoimmune diseases and it has become the biggest killer in the world today.

Fasting or using intermittent fasting will increase your immune system. Enzymes will also increase the strength of your immune system. A good gut health is also important. Make sure you get the right Pre and Pro-Biotics.

Red blood cells and most white cells are produced in the bone marrow. Bone marrow is crucial for properly functioning immunity. The white blood cells are the main fighting soldiers in the body's immune system. They destroy foreign or diseased cells in an effort to clear them from the body. This is why a raised white blood cell count is often an indication of infection. Infections lead to inflammations.

What destroys your immune system?

  • Sugar (in any shape or form)
  • Starchy Carbohydrates (flour, bread, rice and more)
  • Omega 6 - polyunsaturated fat (causes inflammations)
  • Many medicines incl antibiotics
  • Certain Vaccinations
  • Various drugs
  • Toxins


How you can better your immune system?

Follow Hart Ketogenic Plan